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James Twining and the Geneva Deception



James Twining and the Geneva Deception

This week we're talking to bestselling author James Twining about world travel, blogging, and his latest release The Geneva Deception.

“I don’t necessarily go to all the places featured in my books” explains best-selling author James Twining. “I’ve been to some already, some I visit specifically and some I’ve never been. In fact I was taking questions on a Kentucky book tour when someone voiced an amazement that I’d seen inside Fort Knox, because even as a resident they’d never seen it. Of course I hadn’t been inside either.”

Whilst he may not manage to venture to every location however, James makes a good job of staking out the most glamorous ones, making a trip to Monte Carlo for a casino scene in his latest book. When not travelling he has also made the rather radical step for an author of entering the modern world of online blogging.

“I’m probably not the world’s best blogger” he explains. “I can’t really just dash stuff off on a daily basis. I like to write something and then go over it again, so I update every few weeks or even months – just whenever I have something interesting.”

Opening himself up to an online audience has proved a mixed blessing, however, as fan mail can become combined with more unusual enquiries. “I had one seventeen year old boy write to me to say that he wanted to buy my book, but before he did so was checking as to whether or not there was any sex in it” says James. “He was a strict Christian and was anxious that he didn’t want to be exposed to any writing of that sort. I wrote back saying that my wife always tells me I’m better at violence and sex. But he didn’t get the joke sadly, and just reiterated the question.”

The Geneva Deception is published by Harper Collins and is available on Amazon

You can read about James’ latest exploits on his blog at

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