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The Cook Islands

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Every month we round-up the opinions of the most popular travel sites on the web. This issue, it’s time for The Cook Islands to take a turn in the spotlight.

Truly the charm of the Cook Islands is the friendliness of its people.  They are warm and hospitable.  The mood is quite relaxed by locals.  The Cook Islanders have tried to preserve their old ways thereby retaining their culture.  The polynesian culture can be found in their everyday life, in their dance, and in the many cultural events throughout the year.

The Cook Islands are a self-governing parliamentary democracy in free association with New Zealand. The fifteen small islands in this South Pacific Ocean country have a total land area of 240 square kilometres but the Cook Islands Exclusive Economic Zone covers 1.8 million square kilometres  of ocean. The main population centres are on the island of Rarotonga (population 14,153 as of 2006), where there is an international airport.

Scattered over a vast expanse of empty ocean the size of Western Europe, the tiny Cook Islands is a castaway’s dream come true. If you’ve ever fantasised about escaping to a remote desert island, far from the hustle and hum of the modern world, then look no further than these 15 fascinating islands, where you’ll find a thousand years of Polynesian culture sitting side by side with some of the most spectacular natural scenery in the South Pacific.

The Cook Islands’ is an authentic and refined Pacific experience encased in a lifestyle that exudes warmth, happiness and respect. We are a proud people with a rich culture and a lush tapestry of traditions that entwine with our daily lives. As part of our welcome to you, we would be honoured if you would share our customs and culture, and in this way, become one of us.

No dangers or possible problems listed for visitors to the Cook Islands.

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A mere 14,000 people are lucky enough to inhabit the 15 islands that make up the Cook Islands. The islands of the Cook Islands are spread over an area the size of India so its pretty easy to find your own piece of paradise. Each Island is different with its own unique qualities. Raratonga is the biggest island and the main destination for most tourists, however to really experience the wonder and beauty of this country a trip must be made to one of the outer islands.

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