Noise control

Can’t hear yourself think in busy airports? The Jawbone is a little headset which streams out background noise and kicks up the clarity of the speaker on the other end, allowing you to use your mobile despite heavy background noise. It’s based on technology developed by the army, so does the job to a military standard, and the sleek design will make you like a MI5 agent even without any extra noise to contend with.


No think sunscreen

With 80% of us admitting burning the first day of travelling to a new country, this handy little device can step in to stop sun-burn. Worn on the wrist the UV Sun Sense lets you know when it’s time to reapply sunblock by changing colour, and can sense different SPFs and get the timing right accordingly.


Dental hygiene on the move

If you’re carrying the same old toothbrush around on trips and wondering how many germs it’s picking up help is at hand. Violight have employed ultra-violet sterilising technology to blast through bacteria, leaving your toothbrush germ-free and ready to launch.


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