Express Espresso

The Handpresso Wild is the ultimate gadget for all those mobile, coffee lovers out there. This neat device uses no electricity and makes a quality cup of espresso with just the pump of a handle. The sturdy, little machine has a built in pump to make a strong, pressurised drink in seconds. It works with either pods or ground coffee depending on the model you purchase and is super portable, measuring less than 9 inches long and weighing just a few hundred grams. It’s a brilliant invention that’s been beautifully executed and designed and is available on its own or as part of a handy Outdoor Set that includes a carry case, cups and a thermos. Now we can all look forward to many mornings out and about, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. Handpresso’s are priced from £84 and are available from http://www.handpresso.co.uk/.

Power Up

If you’ve fallen for the delights of the iphone we’re guessing you’re not loving the power hungry email aspects. Whilst making calls is reasonably frugal on power supplies, using the internet can really eat into battery life, and this is a particular problem when you’re on the move. A number of energy holding devices are now on the market to help couter this problem, but we like the stylish iPhone battery from Richard Solo. Not only does the stylish battery work perfectly with the aesthetics of your iPhone but it comes with a number of really useful features for travelling types. http://www.richardsolo.co.uk

Mosquito Aid

If you’re in a mosquito inhabited country it’s always the vulnerable ankle areas which get bitten – often no matter how much repellent you use. With many travellers also suffering from allergies to Deet, and the product not being suitable for young children of pregnant women, these mosquito bands are an ingenious way to get protection without drawbacks. They clip around your wrists and ankles releasing a steady cloud of bug repellent, keeping you free from bites with minimal hassle. www.design-go.com/en/detail_38907.html

The Best Seat in the Plane

If you can’t afford first class but want a reasonably comfortable travelling experience, there are more choices than you think. Choose your seat according to your priorities: For comfort and a smooth ride, choose a central seat situated over the wings. If a quiet trip is what you’re after, sit quite forward, avoiding the galley and rest rooms. For optimum leg room, grab the front row or the seats beside the emergency exits.

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