Yoke Shopper
£9.99, www.yokeshopper.com
Next time you’re off on a shopping holiday to New York, Chicago or Dubai, make sure one of these is an essential part of your kit.
Like most good ideas, simplicity is best: a hook mechanism holds the handles of up to five shopping bags and a pull out strap goes over your shoulder to take the strain.
Finger burn is now a thing of the past.

Natural Products Dissolving Laundry Paper
£2.97, www.lakeland.co.uk
Going for a short break and need to minimise how much stuff you’re taking? Then these could be invaluable when washing your smalls.
One sheet – there are 30 in a box – gives enough lather for a decent handwash and they smell of Ocean Fragrance to boot.

E-pens Mobile Notes
£89.99, www.amazon.co.uk
A genius space saving device for frequent flyers, the E-Pens Mobile Notes allows you to take down up to 50 pages of notes that you can download to your PC when back at home.
It works via a sensor that you place on an A4 sheet and can be trained to recognise your scribble.
Lacks in functionality for Mac users but is great for PCs.

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