Power-Assisted Luggage

Sick of lugging your suitcase up steps and round sharp corners? Live Luggage’s power-assisted bags team an anti-gravity handle with power-assisted wheels, so no matter what you’ve packed it’s 85% lighter.

The technology means this innovative luggage can speed you up gradients, around curbs and even over steps, putting you ahead of the game for customs and taxi queues. The multi-bag design also allows you to use it whole, as a large suitcase, or you can separate the hand luggage and laptop bag.

Rolling Luggage

Motor Through Customs

Space Odyssey

If national travel has lost its charm, and international travel shed its excitement, perhaps it’s time to push the final frontier. Believe it or not is now possible for us ordinary folk to journey to space – or the edge of it at least. Flying in a Russian MiG-25 passengers can reach 80,000ft to gaze on the blackness of space above, and the curvature of the earth below. Literally a journey to the end of the earth. Move over Neil Armstrong.

Reef Stash Sandals

If you’re looking for an original way of keeping your stuff secure while you’re away and not panicking about your keys getting lost when you hit the beach, Reef’s Stash sandals are just the thing. With Reef’s stash design, fashion meets functionality in the form of a secret pocket in the heel which is perfect for storing those valuable essentials. Reef footwear is renowned for being exceptionally comfy and the Stash sandal incorporates renewable, recycled and organic material in its design, so you’re doing your bit for the environment too!
The flip flops are available from £19.99 at hardcloud.com.

Reef Stash Sandals

Best Foot Forward for Valuables

Cheaper Airport Parking

More and more people are saving money when leaving their car at the airport when they travel abroad. With everyone looking for ways to save at the moment, websites such as parkatmyhouse.com have sprung up pairing drivers looking for cheaper parking facilities with people who have unused domestic parking spaces. Spaces can be advertised and browsed for free and the potential savings are huge. When travelling from Heathrow for example, official parking at the airport costs up to £150 for seven days, while at parkatmyhouse.com local residents are offering their spaces for just £25, and they’ll even throw in a lift straight to your terminal.

Top tip

Passport control: Write E-ticket numbers for flights on a piece of paper attached to your passport. That way as long as you have your passport you’ll have the reference number. And if you don’t have your passport you can’t fly anyway.

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